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Canna Additive Sale - 4x5Ltrs


This CANNA Additive sale offer includes four 5Ltr bottles of some very popular CANNA products in the additives range.

The additive offer comprises of -

Boost Accelerator is a flagship flowering stimulator.

Rhizotonic is CANNA's fast root developer that also improves your plants' immune system.

Cannazym is an enzyme rich product that boosts dead root breakdown, and stimulates beneficial micro-organisms.

PK 13/14 is a high grade mixture of phosphorus and potassium, two elements that paly a vital role in the flowering stage of the plant lifecycle.

Note - This offer is ONLY available online

Additional Details

This Canna additive offer includes -

  • 1x5Ltr Rhizotonic
  • 1x5Ltr Cannazym
  • 1x5Ltr Boost
  • 1x5Ltr PK 13/14
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