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Flood And Drain - EF230

This system is very simple and is a popular choice for growers of all skill levels. In the Flood and Drain system a timer is used to set the frequency at which nutrient solution rises from the tank into the root-zone tray above. While the solution rises into the root-zone, stale air is pushed up and out of the root-zone and while the roots are submerged the plants take all the nutrient solution they need. At the end of the feed duration the solution drains back into the solution tank and fresh oxygen is pulled back down into the root-zone. It makes maximum use of the free-draining, high air content properties of clay pebbles and rockwool.
Additional Details
The Flood And Drain - EF230 system dimensions are 119.5 x 107 x 33cm and has a tank volume of 90 litres. Ideally, the tray size will hold 4-9 plants.
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