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Gavita Pro M110 DE SR Reflector


Most reflectors rely on overlap for uniformity. This is best practice as it also guarantees the best possible horizontal penetration of your crop. As a result though, the light uniformity under a single reflector is not optimal.

The M 100 DE SR (Singe row / Small Room) reflector from Gavita is specifically designed for configurations  where you have a single, or single row of reflectors in one room. With a spread of 6ft/180 cm and a width of about 4ft/110cm it can provide you not only with high light levels but also an extremely high uniformity of over 90%! The reflector is suitable for 1000W or 750W double ended lamps and fits all Gavita DE fixtures. 
Additional Details
  • For double-ended 750-1000w HPS
  • Beam angle 110 degrees
  • Suitable for single light setups
  • Designed for uniformity of penetration
  • Plug and Play HortiStar replacement reflector
  • Plug and Play Pro line replacement reflector
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