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Gavita Pro Plus 1000W EL DE


The Gavita Pro Plus 1000W EL DE lamp offers the following high spec features - 

  • Professional European 1000W high frequency horticultural lamp
  • No wireframe, quartz glass outer bulb for perfect optical quality
  • Double ended, K12 x 30S lamp base for accurate lamp positioning
  • Extremely high photosynthetic photon flux (ppf): 2100 μmol (see spectrum image for more details)
  • Only suitable for high frequency, high voltage Electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series)
  • 1 year warranty on suitable electronic ballasts (Gavita Pro series)
Additional Details

The Gavita Pro Plus 1000W EL DE lamp spec -

  • Type:Pro EL 1000 Watt
  • Power:1000 Watt
  • Lamp base:K12 x 30S
  • Growlight (µMol):2100 μmol
  • Voltage:400V
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