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Green-Qube X-Qube Module


The brand new X-Qube Module from Green-Qube extends your grow tent outwards, creating an environmental control module to support & maintain your growing environment. It's a new concept for indoor growing, by attaching the X-Qube Module to your existing grow tent you create a sealed-in extension.

Additional Details

Here are some of the benefits of using the Green-Qube X-Qube module -

  •  An xtra zipped-in, sealed area to lock in light, odours, heat, humidity and sound
  • Thermal+ Blankets® on roof, back wall and floor for complete insulation

  • Porch area creates a storage zone for safe equipment and chemical storage

  • 6 internal pockets to keep tools accessible

  • Helps to protect and sustain your internal growing climate

  • Safeguards your room by minimising the release of odours, heat and humidity

  • Grow tent becomes invisible as no light is leaked

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