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GroGreen Compact Garden Hose Filter

The GroGreen compact garden hose filter contains eco-friendly green coconut carbon and KDF55 filters. It includes a "filter saver" brass hose bib connector and a customized flow restrictor allowing ideal contact time with filtration media to maximize reduction of water contaminants. The KDF media inhibits bacterial growth. See additional details for more information
Additional Details

GroGreen compact garden hose filter benefits include -

  • Eliminates harmful chlorine and reduces chloramines
  • Reduces foul tastes & odours, chemicals, V.O.C.’s, sediment, rust & iron particles
  • Invigorates organic compost, soil amendments & bio-teas
  • Improves quality of fruits, vegetables & flowers
  • 8,000 gallons of filtered water @ 2 gallons per minute
  • Made from recyclable plastic
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