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Grow Room

Come in-store to view our grow room, it's full of hydroponic and aquaponic equipment all setup to give growers examples of systems in action.

On display are fans, filters, lights, reflectors, tanks, tents, nutrient control systems, floor and wall coverings and lots more.

Grow Room

Addloes grow room

Orange Blooms

Orchids In Bloom

 Flowers in bloom in the grow room

Take a look at the systems setup in the Addloes Grow Room, and the aquaponics setup below.





Commercial Growing

When most people ask ' What is hydroponics ' they are unaware of the large amount of our shop-bought food that is actually grown using hydroponic systems in large greenhouses. Foods such as tomatoes, lettuce, melons and aubergines, to name but a few.  A large proportion of commercially grown flowers ( roses, violets, begonias, carnations etc.) are gown hydroponically too.

If you are interested in discounts for bulk purchases then please email us at sales@addloes.com or give us a call on 01202 524525.

Recreational Growing

Hydroponics is suitable for most types of plant. Different plants, however, have different needs and so various types of system have been developed to meet these needs.

Systems, like the one on the left, are small enough that they can easily be used indoors or in a greenhouse. It is ideal for herbs ( mint, parsley, basil etc. ), medicinal plants (aloe vera, calendula, salvia etc. ), fruits (tomato, strawberry, banana etc.) and most types of vegetables.

Disabled Growing

We cater for the disabled and can make systems to suite the individual using the vast range of hydroponic equipment in our warehouse - any suggestions, however, will be gratefully received. The shop entrance is via a flat driveway and we have a large roller door for easy access.

Hydroponics is particularly suitable for anyone who enjoys gardening but is restricted because of a disability. We have several systems that can be set up so that all work is carried out at chest height when sitting.

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