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DWC(Deep Water Culture) is a popular growing method that suspends a plant's roots in oxygenated nutrient solutions. An air pump powered aquarium airstone oxygenates the nutrient solution; if sufficiently oxygenated, the plant roots can remain submerged indefinitely. Once the plants are ready to flower, the level of the nutrient solution is gradually reduced to expose the roots to the air. Plants absorb vastly more oxygen directly from the air than from the oxygen dissolved in water. Deep water culture allows plant roots to absorb large quantities of oxygen while also allowing the uptake of nutrients. This leads to rapid growth throughout the life of the plant.

Have a look at Nutriculture's DWC Infosheet for a handy, step-by-step guide on getting the best from your DWC system and take a look at the videos below for guides to Oxypot and Rush systems -

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