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In the IWS RDWC multi-pot systems, all the pots are inter-connected to a control unit using 25mm flexible food grade pipe; integrating IWS patented sealing glands and magnetic float valves. 
The RDWC control unit is fed by a reservoir and has been designed to fill all the connected pots to 25mm below the root zone; this is the perfect level for optimum root growth. This system uses a single air pump(not supplied) with manifold to regulate air flow to each pot.

Each multi-pot system comes complete with a set of accessories(excluding air pump, air line and air stones) and the right size FlexiTank.  See the Additional Details tab for more information.

Please Note - If you require an air kit and/or a professional timer with your system please give us a call on 01202 524525 for further details. 

Additional Details

The IWS RDWC systems are available in the following sizes -

  • 4 pot (225L FlexiTank)
  • 8 pot (225L FlexiTank)
  • 12 pot (400L FlexiTank)
  • 16 pot (400L FlexiTank)
  • 20 pot (750L FlexiTank)
  • 24 pot (750L FlexiTank)
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