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KIND LED Grow Light


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The KIND LED grow lights are available in two series that will produce the biggest and best yields for LED grow lights. They consume approximately half the electricity of a sodium lamp and produce virtually no heat.

How the KIND LED K3 Series lights compare to their competitors -

  • Use a proprietary 12 bandwidth spectrum comprised of 3 watt diodes that run at 650mA. Lesser LED grow lights run at 500mA with only a 6 bandwidth spectrum.
  • Thick, heavy duty 2cm aluminum heat sinks that dissipate heat much more efficiently than other LED lights, making Kind LED lights run more effectively and cooler leading to longer life spans and increased performance.
  • Revolutionary “Secondary Optical Lens” for maximum photosynthetic penetration from plant top to base, considerably increasing “under canopy” production and yield.
  • These Kind LED lights will match or outperform any other 3 watt LED grow light, including much higher priced brands. GUARANTEED!

The KIND LED diodes have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

Here's a couple of videos from Kind.  The first one is about the K3 Series and the second is an in-depth explaination of why to choose Kind LED lights -

The Additional details section gives a table of the KIND LED models available at Addloes and the wattage/diode ratios.

Additional Details

The KIND LED Grow Light range are available in the following models - 

Series and Model

HID Equivalent 


Actual LED 


Number of Diodes

K3 L300

300 220 90

K3 L450

450 270 120

K3 L600

600 320 150
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