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Mantis Pro Adjustable Reflector

Everything you could wish for in an all-round performer. The wings form a succession of perfect dual-parabolic shapes when assembled. This enables growers to focus light spread and intensity according to their individual needs. The Mantis Reflector is incredibly power efficient and versatile. When adjusted to wide settings, it may be positioned very near to the plants for both maximum light intensity and area coverage. Alternatively, the reflector may be adjusted to more narrow settings and positioned proportionally further from the vegetation to suit the light and heat requirements of sensitive plants or more sensitive stages in plant growth. The Mantis is so flexible, you can even have one wing in a narrow setting and one in a wide setting to encourage growth in unproductive areas of the growroom or to even out the light in a sloped roofed environment such as an attic.
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Mantis Pro Adjustable Reflector
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