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Phresh Inline Filters


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Carbon filters are no longer just for the ends of your air filtration system. Now they can be installed "in-line" like the lights and fans. It is the same Phresh Carbon Filter users' trust, built into an air conserving body. Point to point air movement and filtration. Phresh Inline Filters are state-of-the-art carbon filters that practically scour the air to clean it of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odours. Phresh Inline Filters are twice as light and last twice as long.

Additional Details

For Phresh inline filter sizes and airflows, see the table below - 

Filter Size(mm) Filter Size (inches) Airflow(m3/hr)
150x500 6 x 16 700
200x600 8 x 24 1000
250x600 10 x 24 1200
315x600 12 x 24 1950
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