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Plessey Hyperion White Spectrum LED


The Plessey Hyperion White is a full spectrum LED lighting system providing plants with the complete spectral range of light necessary to help them thrive through both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. The Hyperion features white light of a combination of light of varying wavelengths.

Features include -

  • PAR (PPF) output 762 µmol (400nm-700nm light spectrum range)
  • High umol per watt output (1.9 umol per watt)
  • Remote driver to reduce heat load in your growing environment
  • Equivalent to 600w sodium lamp, but with upto 40% energy saving
  • IP66 rated for full waterproofing
  • Tailor-made spectrum to suit growers requirements
  • 5 year waranty

Additional Details

The Plessey Hyperion is a 410w output unit.

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