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Rush RDWC 60 Litre - 82cm Centre


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Nutriculture's Rush systems take Deep Water Culture growing to the next level. With up to 34 nutrient circulations per hour, no timer to manage, and little media used, the Rush RDWC system is a combination of simplicity and top-end components, resulting in spectacular growth and huge yields. The 6.5 litre mesh pots hang into the DWC reservoir, where an air stone creates a constant stream of bubbles directly beneath the mesh pot. This creates a highly oxygenated nutrient rich environment for the plant roots, resulting in exceptionally fast root growth. Combine these benefits of Deep Water Culture growing with the constant rapid re-circulation of the Rush and you truly have a next level hydroponic system that will deliver results time after time. Over and under-watering are prevented in RUSH. This RDWC method of growing allows plants to feed as much as they need, whenever they need it, preventing over and under watering.

Additional Details
  Pots Footprint
2 LANE 4 2.4 x 1.8m
  6 3 x 1.8m
  8 4 x 1.8m
  10 4.8 x 1.8m
3 LANE 9 3 x 2.5m
  18 5.6 x 2.5m
4 LANE 12 3 x 3.4m
  16 4 x 3.4m
  20 5 x 3.4m
  24 6 x 3.4m


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