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RVK In-line Duct Fans


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The Systemair RVK fan series is designed for installation in ducts.The fans have backward-curved blades and external rotor motors. The FK mounting clamp facilitates easy installation and removal, and prevents the transfer of vibration to the duct. The fans can be speed-controlled via a stepless thyristor or a 5-step transformer.

Additional Details

The Systemair RVK In-line Duct fans come in a variety of sizes  and offer a range of air flow rates - see below for specs -

RVK Fan Size Air Flow (Max) Wattage
4" (100mm) A1 184m3/hr   29.1w
5" (125mm) A1 220m3/hr   29.2w
6" (150mm) A1 428m3/hr   60w
6" (150mm) L1 720m3/hr   109w
8" (150mm) A1 796m3/hr   104w
8" (200mm) L1 1008m3/hr  153w
10" (250mm) A1 860m3/hr  109w
10" (250mm) L1 1080m3/hr   159w
12" (300mm) A1 1360m3/hr   176w
12" (300mm) L1 1700m3/hr  198w
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