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SMSCOM Switchbox All-In-One 2 Way Controller SW-B2L


The SMSCOM Switchbox is a complete control unit for lights, heater and 2 ventilators. Depending on the model you can control 2 or 4 lights of a maximum of 600Watts each with the Switchbox. The added Digital FanControler makes it possible to control 2 ventilators of max 1200 Watts combined. The operation of the SMSCOM Switchbox is analogue but the control is digital which offers many advantages over controllers without software control. These advantages are the TempProtector for the light control, and a Delayed-Startup making it possible to switch on the lights one at a time so you never have a peak voltage on ignition.

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SMSCOM Switchbox All-In-One 2 Way Controller SW-B2L

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