Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Defender Lighting Kit-0

Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Defender Lighting Kit



The Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Defender Kit can be installed in two ways, as a remote ballast or with the ballast attached to the reflector, as one complete unit.  A specially designed Super Spreader is included with the Hellion kit that allows closer placement of the light to your plants by eliminating the risk of hot spots.

The three stage adjustable Defender reflector and dimmable 400V 750w ballast ensures that the Hellion light offers a wide flexibillity, to suit most growing needs. 


Full Product Description

The Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Kit consists of –

  • Adjust-A-Wing medium Defender reflector
  • Hellion 400v DE 750W Lamp
  • Hellion UHF dimmable 400V digital ballast(with 450w/600w/750w options)
  • Reflector connector rail
  • Super Spreader
  • Hellion DE lamp holder