Alien Flood and Drain System



Alien Hydroponics Flood and Drain System is designed and manufactured in-house.  Each system utilises the latest in advanced technology. Historically,  Flood and Drain Systems have been known to be bulky, inaccurate and easily broken by dirt and the build-up of debris, but no more! A newly designed ‘Electronic Control Unit’ (patent pending) allows for the level of nutrient solutions in the ‘brain pot’ to be electronically controlled and also allows for a programmable timer to control the frequency of flood cycles, so providing scheduled reliable feeding.

The new Alien® flood and drain hydroponic system consists of a new heavy-duty steel wall mounted control module. The module is microprocessor controlled so there are no moving parts inside making this the most reliable flood and drain system on the market today.

The intelligent module will pause at the maximum flood height for 20 seconds ensuring an equal water level in all pots. Even if you forget to top up your tank the system will drain at the end of the cycle even if there’s not enough water in the tank to fill the system completely.



Full Product Description

The benefits of using the Alien Flood and Drain system –

  • No float switches
  • Electronic level sensing
  • Faster flood+drain times
  • Collapsible Tanks
  • 32mm pipe+fittings
  • Silent operation