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Biotabs Starter Kit



The Biotabs Starter Kit contains all you need to grow your plants organically in soil, coco or mix either with with clay pebbles or perlite. BioTabs revolutionary slow-release organic plant fertiliser is an ideal feed strategy for an Autopot system. The BioTabs Starter Pack contains enough fertiliser to feed 5 plants from propagation all the way through to harvest. Simply mix the organic fertiliser into your growing media, add the beneficial fungi and bacteria, activate the ingredients with a watering of BioTabs liquid and away you go. The only thing you put in your reservoir is water and let BioTabs do the rest. The organic fertiliser and beneficials work together; creating a healthy root zone and nourishment for your plants producing great yields.

The Biotabs Starter Kit online manual shows you what you need to know –


Full Product Description

The Biotab Starter Kit contains –

  • Bactrex sachet: 25 grams
  • Mycotrex sachet: 50 grams
  • BioTabs pack: 10 tablets
  • Orgatrex Unit: 25ml  
  • Startrex sachet: 250 grams
  • BioTabs Starterkit Manual