Buddhas Tree Defender



Buddhas Tree Defender is an innovative new product that solves the difficult plant and root disease problems, that can sometimes be the bain of growing without soil or substrate. It is ideal for growers using Deep Water Culture(DWC), Nutrient Film Technique(NFT) and Flood and Drain(FD), but will also be of benefit in any hydroponics setup. Buddhas Tree Defender works like an inoculation for your plants. Made up of cleverly adapted Phosphorus molecules, once plants are treated, these molecules are absorbed into the root tissues where they remain. This ever so slightly alters the biochemistry of your root zone. This slight change means huge effects on almost all water borne root and plant pathogens and fungi rendering them unable to reproduce in your roots. It is extremely effective at eliminating infection from all Oomycetes, Phytophora and Pythium that cause the most common cases of slimy root rot. Defender also has a hugely positive impact on root growth by stimulating the Phosphorus pathways in your root zone.


Full Product Description

Buddhas Tree Defender is available in 100ml bottles.

Defender has been designed to be used in the second to last week of your vegetive cycle and should be run constantly in your hydroponic system for 5 days after which time your plants have been fully inoculated and nutrients can be discarded and filled afresh. Buddhas Tree Defender is to be used before any problems occur and needs to be treated as a prevention. It will have some positive effect on existing infections but is not a cure. However when it is used as a prevention it completely eliminates the possibility for a pathogen to get a foothold. Test subjects were purposefully infected with a full spectrum of pathogens and in all cases were shown to be able to resist the attack.