Buddhas Tree Flower Burst



Flower Burst is a unique new product from Buddhas Tree that has been specifically created for use during your plants pre-flowering and early flowering stage. It promotes explosive flower set without hindering continuing vegetive growth.  It creates an increased number of flower sites and ensures a seamless change into the pure flowering phase of the bloom cycle, in a way that more closely matches your plants needs. This results in a quicker and much more efficient flowering response. which is achieved in the kindest and safest way with a carefully composed blend.

It provides your plants with the perfect transitional nutrient profile during the plants’ change from vegetative to flowering growth.  Using Flower Burst gives your plants access to everything they need to set flower, as early as possible and fulfil their potential. Flower Burst is formulated as a real value for money concentrate just like our PK 9-18 but with an NPK of 0-10-8 by weight. It also has increased Boron to aid Calcium mobilisation, an element also essential for maximum root growth. This ratio allows growers to use a `Grow` base nutrient during early flowering by increasing the type and amount of Phosphorus that your root zone and plants need to ensure the earliest possible onset of flowers whilst keeping the other elements balanced.


Full Product Description

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst is available in –

  • 100ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1L
  • 5L

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