Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power



The virtues of supplementing your plants with silica is generally well understood by the growing community. Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power contains silicic acid, which is the simplest most soluble basic form of silica. In nature plants uptake silicon in this purest form of silicic acid from the soil where it naturally occurs. It is also the only form of silicon that is directly available to all of the plant and its biological systems. It encourages more uniformity and better symmetry of growth. Ultimately this makes for healthier, much sturdier plants capable of supporting more foliage and producing fruit with a larger bio-mass. Plants deprived of silicon are often weaker structurally and also more prone to abnormalities of growth and development. 



Full Product Description

Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is available in –

  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1L