Budmaster II Osram Gold Delux-0
Budmaster II Osram Gold Delux-4934
Budmaster II Osram Gold Delux-4935
Budmaster II Osram Gold Delux-4936
Budmaster II Osram Gold Delux-4937
Budmaster II Osram Gold Delux-4939
Budmaster II Osram Gold Delux-4938

Budmaster II Osram Gold Delux



The  ‘Osram Delux Gold’ (G.O.D) range of led grow lights from Budmaster is one of the most popular and effective ranges of LED. 

The robust and quality build ensures continued and repeatable yield year on year with minimal output drop over time.

The long warranty and UK build and servicing ensure happy customers and a competitively priced product that will grow happy and healthy plants for years to come.

  1. 200 – 300% more PPFD output than traditional 3w led’s for the same consumption.
  2. Longer lifespan with lower degradation.
  3. Smaller footprint than any other led in its class.
  4. 100,000 hrs lifespan double the usual standard of 50,000 hrs.
  5. Integrated solderpads for exact fitting.
  6. Exact horticultural wavelengths guaranteed.

Note – The G.O.D-1 model is an individual module that can be used as a standalone or as a replacement unit in a larger G.O.D model.

For further information have a look at the Budmaster G.O.D Datasheet



Full Product Description

Budmaster G.O.D Range specifications –

Budmaster G.O.D. Model Wattage(w) Coverage(cm) Size(cm)  Energy Usage (Per Year in kWh/[a*m2])
G.O.D-1 45  40×40 12X12X7   87.2 
G.O.D-2  97  40×80  19x32x6 174.3 
G.O.D-4  193  80×80  32x32x6 348.6 
G.O.D-6  290  80×120  32x49x6 523.7 
G.O.D-8  385  160×80  63x32x6 697.3 
G.O.D-9  433  120×120  48x49x6 784.5 

As a comparison, the market leader 600w HPS lamp uses 1345.7 kWh/(a*m2) per year(based on 5145hrs)