Canna Rhizotonic



Canna Rhizotonic is one of the world’s purest, most powerful organic “stress relievers” which stimulates extremely fast root development, protects against moulds such as pythium, fusarium, mildew and botryis while increasing the plant’s natural immune system. Rhizotonic contains a carefully integrated and balanced formulation of the finest Norwegian seaweed extracts and bio growth stimulants based on leading dutch plant research. in conjunction with this, Rhizotonic also contains oligosaccharide chemistry, a high quality saccharine that is a powerful prebiotic. Rhizotonic with its advanced oligosaccharide chemistry and biogrowth stimulants will produce explosive new root growth immediately (within several hours in some cases) saving you several weeks of valuable time in the process. The faster new roots are growing , the quicker the increase in plant vigour and future yields.

See the Canna Rhizotonic sheet for more information.


Full Product Description

Canna Rhizotonic is available in the following sizes – 

  • 250ml
  • 1L
  • 5L