CarboAir Carbon Filter



CarboAir offers supreme quality, excellent air flow and all their filters are tested at Systemair, so you can be assured they deliver what you expect. Great air filtration without choking your extraction fan.  

Addloes sells both the CarboAir 50 and the CarboAir 60 model ranges.

CarboAir 50 – This range has a 50mm bed of virgin activated granular carbon. It is the best filter range for normal use in smaller grow rooms, offering excellent filtration of air without compromising air flow and are both compact and light weight.

CarboAir 60 – With a larger 60mm bed of Carbon this range of filters are for medium to large grow rooms. These have been carefully matched to the more powerful Revolution fans. These filters have almost twice as much carbon in them than standard carbon filters.

See the Additional Details section below for a full breakdown of models/sizes and air flow information.

Every wondered how a top quality carbon filter is made?  Have a look at the G.A.S video below –


Full Product Description

CarboAir carbon filter range specifications –

Model Range Dimensions Max Air Flow(m3/hr)
CarboAir 50 100x330mm 410
  125x330mm 480
  150x330mm  600
  200x500mm  1000
  250x500mm  1200 
  315x500mm  1500 
CarboAir 60 150x660mm 1350
  200x660mm  1700
  250x660mm  2000
  250x1000mm  3100
  315x660mm 2450
315x1000mm 3600
315x1200mm 3850