Control Freak Intelligent Controller 5A



The Control Freak Intelligent Fan Controller is easy to use, with its ’Plug & Play’ design and two modes of operation. 

You can use it as a manual fan speed controller or use the supplied 5m temperature probe to operate the unit as a fully automatic speed controller. The probe allows you to use a bespoke software(“Fansync”) system and gives 50 different speed settings to maintain your grow room. 

The controller has smooth speed control, giving a more accurate and a quieter operation. The temperature adjustment with the probe is highly accurate, with an adjustment of +/- 1°C.


Full Product Description

Features include –

  • Temperature controlled
  • Easy to set – Just dial in temperature and min/max fan speeds
  • Fan operates between min and max settings to maintain temperature
  • “Fansync” software maintains the room temperature through constant precision fan speed control
  • Smooth fan speed control for accurate and quieter running
  • Highly accurate temperature adjustment of +/- 1°C
  • High power capacity, will handle fans of most sizes
  • 5m temperature probe