CropmasterLED PRO 600 LED



If your looking to replace your existing 600w HPS fixtures then you will definitely need to be looking at high bay high power LED to do this.  Its all about the amount of photons being emitted and although LED is more efficient than HPS in order to get a large enough amount of photons to your plant you need a lot of power.
With  many years of considerable experience in the horticultural led industry  CropmasterLED has been able to accurately set a benchmark upon which quality LED may outperform professional HPS lamp.
 Due to greater energy production from the superior spectrum emitted from LED lamps we can achieve the same results for less input power whilst maintaining efficacy with active cooling providing reliable and repeatable yields year on year.


Full Product Description

CropmasterLED PRO 600 LED

Electrical Characteristics
Consumption 410w
Voltage 110 – 277v
Current 2.5 amps

PPF (Efficiency) 2.0µmol/j
PPF (Total) 820 µmol
Average PPFD (16pt * 2ft) 600 µmol/s-m2

Size 21 x 46 x 7cm

CE Pass

LED Characteristics
LED Family PRO Light
Number of LED 144
LED Bands Royal Blue
Deep Red
Warm White
Static Components
Lens Two piece polycarbonate chassis
Heat Sink Two anodized aluminum extrusion heat sinks