Dutchpro Take Root



Take Root from Dutchpro is a growth stimulant capable of radically improving the inner and outer qualities of young plants. The active components are of natural origin, including the plant hormones and micronutrients. During the first few weeks a plant is at its most vulnerable for fungal and bacterial-related diseases, often, because young plants have mineral, hormone and vitamin shortages.

Take Root contains several plant hormones and micronutrients, that boost the cellular division, cell elongation and nutrients transport, all of which help with overall root development during early vegetative growth. The high-quality components will completely be absorbed and leave no residue behind.


Full Product Description

The advantages of using Dutchpro’s Take Root are –

  • Stimulates extraordinary root growth
  • Improves  cell division, cell elongation and nutrient transport
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Contains vital micronutrients and hormones
  • Suitable for every irrigation system
  • Optimal absorption by the plant
  • No residue