Expando V2



The Expando V2 has taken lessons learned front the original version to create a more solid, durable grow tent space booster. Now with stronger aluminum poles and new securing mechanism, ensuring it will not move once attached. Able to handle high levels of negative pressure the Expando V2 is becoming a grow tent essential.

The Expando V2 is a grow tent accessory which when attached creates more space for better results and prevents the walls of the tent from sucking inwards.

Benefits include –

  • More space for growth
  • More light space
  • More airflow – less hotspots
  • Reduces risk of mould
  • Reduces risk of damaging plants
  • Strong, light and durable
  • Universal for all tent sizes 1m+


Full Product Description

Expando V2 is an ideal solution when your tent mis-shapes due to airflow suction.