Fortefog P Fumer



The Fortefog P fumers are permethrin smoke generators for the control of flying and crawling insects in hard to reach places. It is a short-term measure, but reduces bug activity immediately. Consider other long lasting pest control methods along with the Fortefog P fumer Simply light the fuse and close the door. Contains 13.25% w/w permethrin.



Full Product Description

Have a look at the table below to help you decide which Fortefog P fumer you need – 

Fortefog Size Coverage
Mini(3.5g) upto 120 m3 for flying insects

 upto 7.5 m3 for spider mites

Midi(11g)  upto 375 m3 for flying insects

upto 23 m3 for spider mites

Maxi(27g)  upto 1000 cubic metres for flying insects

upto 62.5 cubic metres for spider mites