Gavita Pro W150 DE Reflector



Sometimes you need a little less light, but you want to keep using high efficiency 750W or 1000W fixtures. Sometimes in very large rooms you height is limited. In that case a wide reflector, such as the Gavita W 150 DE, a double-ended reflector with a 150 degree beam angle, solves your problems.  

A wide reflector is not suitable for a smaller room, because it causes more losses on your walls, reducing the average light levels and the efficiency of your light installation. Here are the typical applications for a wide reflector:
  • In a large (vegetative) room where you use lower light levels, you want to spread the light of your fixture in a uniform way over a larger surface. The wide reflector allows you to do so. 
  • When you combine HPS with plasma light in a vegetative room, you replace part of the HPS light with plasma light. Depending on the ratio of plasma/HPS fixtures you will need to spread your HPS light over a larger surface. A wide reflector allows you to still use a high-power fixture, reducing the initial investment, installation costs and re-lamping costs while getting a perfect uniform lighting. 
  • In a large flowering room with limited height, the wide reflector allows you to come closer to the crop. 


Full Product Description

Features include –

  • For double-ended 750-1000w HPS
  • Beam angle 150 degrees
  • Most suitable for overlapping light set-ups
  • Designed for optimal light uniformity
  • Plug and Play HortiStar replacement reflector
  • Plug and Play Pro line replacement reflector