GHC Solutions Multifan Controller



GHC Solutions Multifan Controller/Balancer is a one of a kind digital fan control unit with thermostatic, humidity and light sensors.  It is designed to run all types of fan, whether it’s a typical industry inline or box fan or the more modern digital EC fans. Any fan can be controlled using the patented MULTIFAN technology.  Simply connect via the UK 3-pin plug or control digital fans using the Digital Outputs.  Digital temp/Humidity sensor reads air temperature, not surface temperature, meaning a more accurate readout.  Day and Night settings allow you to set different parameters depending on the time of day, helping you achieve an optimal temperature drop when your lights are out.


Full Product Description

The GHC Solutions Multifan Controller technical info –

  • Max Load – 5.4A / 1100W
  • Input Voltage – 220v – 230v
  • Frequency 50hz – 60hz

1 year warranty