GHE FloraMicro



FloraMicro provides the plant with all the necessary microelements, in a multi-bonded form(for best root absorption). It also includes sub microelements and organic buffers which help to stabilise the solution’s pH. FloraMicro is part of the Flora Series from GHE. The series is a three part nutrient strategy allowing the grower to alter the ratios of the three parts to match the different stages of plant growth. The other nutrients in the series are FloraBloom and FloraGro. Developed by leading plant nutrient researchers, the Flora Series gives the grower precise control, to give the plant all it needs when it needs it. By simply mixing the solutions in different ratios you can create the perfect fertilizer. Recommended for the more experienced grower. FloraMicro in available in Hard and Soft Water formulations .



Full Product Description

GHE FloraMicro is available in the following sizes – 

  • 1L
  • 5L
  • 10L