GN Telos LED Lighting



The Telos series is a range of full spectrum LED grow lights designed and manufactured in the UK by GNUK for strong, healthy, vibrant plants in both harsh greenhouse conditions and indoor horticulture platforms.

Featuring a waterproof and dustproof design, the Telos range can withstand any growing environment while providing a natural light for working under. The use of passive natural convection has eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise output and significantly increasing the life span of the light as it contains no moving parts.


  • Full Spectrum: A tried and tested well balanced spectrum ideal for full cycle growing. Produces high quality produce that smells and tastes great and provides good penetration to lower canopies for flowering crops.
  • High PPF output of micromoles per second and efficiency of 1.9 micromoles per joule
  • Passive Cooling: less noise and longer lifespan due to solid fanless design
  • Modular: allows for easy replacement of parts and upgrades
  • IP66: waterproof and dustproof makes it ideal for any growing environment
  • High power efficient CEE LEDS, XPG3R (white) and XPEHE (red)
  • Low Voltage: safe and reliable circuitry due to metal core printed circuit board.
  • Single Stage Holographic Optics: distribute light uniformly while protecting LED deterioration from moisture and dust exposure. They have a high transmission efficiency of 93%.
  • Reliable Meanwell LED drivers/PSU well known for high quality in the LED sector.
  • Produces much less infrared than HPS lighting, lowering grow room temperatures and allowing you to put the fixture closer to the plants
  • 3 year warranty
  • Ability to upgrade lamp and driver section outside of warranty

Compared to CMH and HPS Lights the Telos range of LED lighs could lead to massive energy savings over time. Plus, these LEDs are proven to remain over 90% efficient for 85,000 hours (approx. 10 years) and without the need for a reflector, there is no need to spend more money on replacement parts every year.



Full Product Description

Model Watts Equivalent HPS PPF(light units) Weight
Telos 0006 180w 250w 336.8 umol / 1.871 umol per joule 6kg
Telos 0008 240w 400w 449.8 umol / 1.867 umol per joule 8kg
Telos 0010 300w 600w 558.9 umol / 1.863 umol per joule 10kg

Height recommendations –

Approximate growing areas and hanging heights*.

  • For seedlings and micro-greens: 100cm (3’3″) from canopy, coverage 150cm x 150cm (4’11’’x4’11”)
  • For vegetative growth: 80cm (2’7″) from canopy, coverage 120cm x 120cm (3’11’’x3’11”)
  • For flowering crops: 60cm (1′ 11″) from canopy, coverage 90cm x 90cm (2’11’’x2’11”)

*to be used as guidelines only, larger areas can be covered when used in a reflective environment