Green Planet Massive Bloom Formulation



Green Planet Massive Bloom Formulation is a great flowering additive that is used throughout the flowering stage. It will supercharge your flowers making them bigger and denser using a carefully assembled blend of naturally derived nutrient components. This perfectly balanced formulation will prove an invaluable supplement for you flowering plants. 

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Full Product Description

Green Planet Massive Bloom formulation is available from Addloes in 1L and 4L bottles.

Using Massive has many benefits that include

  • Increases flower size noticeably
  • Increases aromatics
  • Increases essential oils
  • Increases dry weight substantially
  • Increases chlorophyll content
  • Rapidly increases photosynthesis
  • Increases CO2 utilisation
  • Proper NPK ratios
  • Increases cell expansion and content
  • Thicker cell walls
  • Increases internal floral components
  • Increases resistance to stressors
  • Growers report increases  in dry weight of up and beyond 30%
  • No artificial dyes or colourants
  • Easy to use
  • Best flowering additive on the market