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The Green Qube GQ1530 is a large-sized, high-quality grow tent providing extra height(2.2m tall).  The wide design(3m wide) is ideal for growers  wanting a lot of horizontal space. This tent is equipped with some of the strongest tent poles available on the market and an easy-to-asssemble design.  The Green-Qube range has a reputation for high build quality and a featured-packed construction.  

GQ1530 dimensions are 150cm x 300cm x 220cm.

See the Full Product Description section for a full specifications breakdown.


Full Product Description

Features – 

  • Dimensions: 150cm x 300cm x 220cm 
  • Poles: 25mm x 1mm
  • Corners: 25mm x 1mm
  • Hanging Weight: 100kg
  • Ventilation Socks: 4 x 250mm extract socks, 1 x 250mm intake sock, 6 x 100mm cable socks
  • Interior Lining: Diamond cut Mylar fabric with 98% reflectivity
  • Zips: Military-style waterproof 10 gauge zips
  • Uplift Bar: 2 x uplift bars for Auto-Pots & IWS systems (Green-Qube exclusive)
  • Doors: 2 main access doors, 2 rear access doors, and 3 side access doors
  • Windows: 2 viewing windows
  • Trim: Double stitched
  • Vents: Outside fine mesh passive vents with Velcro fastenings
  • Hanging Straps: 2 nylon straps
  • Spill Tray: Fully removable diamond cut Mylar