HortiONE 368 V2 LED Light Panel



The HortiONE 368 V2 LED Light Panel comprises of a long LED-Panel (130W) + Dimmable LED Driver + Hanging brackets.

The 45° angled LED panel is perfect for indoor cultivation. The reflector supports diffuse lighting, leading to increasing homogeneity and higher light output in your cultivation area. Due to the length, a high level of uniformity can be reached in big areas. Hybrid construction with full-spectrum MID-Power LEDs (3500K) mixed with High-Power LEDs (660nm) can be achieved for good flowering results.

Suitable for the vegetative and generative phases (full cycle).

High light output for a small budget.

Neutral white light for a real colour rendering and natural development of your plants.

Suitable for small cultivation areas and grow tents.

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Full Product Description

Consumption: 130W Real Consumption
LEDs 368pcs Seoul 3030C/OSRAM Oslon 660nm (HR)
PPF(380-800nm) 330 umol/s Extended Range (BPF)
Efficacy 2.7umol/J Module-Efficiency
Lifetime (LM90) 50,000hrs Life Maintenance 90%
CRI 80 Real Colour Rendering
CCT 3500K Neutral White
Warranty 2 years