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£31.47 £25.00

The IONIC range of nutrients from Growth Technology is a popular choice for discerning growers.

At Addloes we’re having a special offer on a combination of IONIC nutrients.

Whatever medium you prefer to grow in, Soil, Coco or Hydro(Hard Water variety only), simply choose a combination of the 1 Ltr Grow and Bloom.  1 Ltr of IONIC PK Boost is automatically added and get over 20% discount on all three products.

Normal price £31.47  Sale price £25.00

Simply choose your growing medium from the drop-down list of options(below) and that’s it!



Full Product Description

Buy 1 Ltrs of either –

  • IONIC Soil Grow + Bloom
  • IONIC Coco Grow + Bloom
  • IONIC Hydro(Hard Water only) Grow + Bloom

with 1 Ltr IONIC PK Boost.