IWS DWC System



In the IWS DWC multi-pot systems, all the pots are connected to a control unit using 16mm flexible food grade pipe; intergrating IWS patented sealing glands; professional timer units and magnetic float valves. 
The DWC control unit is fed by a reservoir and has been designed to fill all the connected pots to 25mm below the root zone; this is the perfect level for optimum root growth. 

Each multi-pot system comes complete with a set of the necessary pipework, fittings and FlexiTank(see the ‘Additional Details’ tab for more information on tank size).

The IWS DWC systems are sold with or without an equivalent air kit which includes an air pump, manifold, air-line and air stones).



Full Product Description

The IWS DWC System is available in the following pot layouts –

  • 6 Pot (100L FlexiTank)
  • 12 Pot (225L FlexiTank)
  • 18 Pot (400L FlexiTank)
  • 24 Pot (400L FlexiTank)
  • 36 Pot (750L FlexiTank)

Each of the above systems is available with or without an Air Kit – see the ‘Select Your IWS DWC System’ option.