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Jupiter 2 Light Mover



The Jupiter 2 light mover effectively reduces shading and provides increases of around 20% to your yield. The science behind this product relates to the plants containing phytochromes, which are photoreceptors that control physiological and developmental reactions to fluctuations of red and far red light.

By utilising the light mover, the angle of light incidence received by the lower leaves and stems will be continuously changing so the red to far-red ration will be kept at the correct levels. The Jupiter II ensures much healthier plant growth and even canopy distribution. 

The Jupiter 2 also avoids burning and overheating of plants, by using a Jupiter 2, you can efficiently lower the lamp without risk of damage to provide a higher light intensity to your crop. Fixed lighting must be mounted at a height that significantly reduces the light intensity below the plant canopy.

The Jupiter 2 has been designed to an exacting specification using only the highest quality components, from the Swiss designed motor/gearbox down to the ROHS compliant electronic delay system.  

Jupiter 2 advantages –

  • Manufactured in Australia from high quality parts
  • Serviced in Australia and the UK by trained technicians

  • 2 year warranty
  • Move from 1 light up to 6 lights
  • Motor with time delay, 0 – 60 seconds
  • Rails can be cut down according to exact size needed

Have a look at the Jupiter Light Mover II video from Maxigrow –



Full Product Description

Jupiter II light rail mover kit information –

Kit Rail Length Lamps Pushrod Kit Crossbars(2 metre lengths)
Kit 1 2 metres 1    
Kit 2 2 metres 2-3   1
Kit 3 4 metres 2 in line 1×2 metres  
Kit 4 3 metres 4-6 1×1.5 metres 2
Kit 5 4 metres 2 in line 1×2 metres  
Kit 6 3 metres 4-6 1×1.5 metres 2

 Benefits of using a Jupiter II Mover Kit –

  • Reduce the lamp to plant distance without burning the tender growing tips of the plants
  • Reduce power costs

  • Increase the penetration of the correct intensity light below the plant canopy
  • Keep the ratio of red to far-red light even below the plant canopy

  • Increase yield due to increased budding sites
  • Healthier, more even growth patterns – higher yielding plants

  • Increased air flow due to the movement of the lamps heat – decreased fungal growth