Maxibright Daylight 600W CMH Lamp



The DAYLIGHT 600W CMH lamp brings the power of full spectrum growing right to your finger-tips. The DAYLIGHT 600W CMH lamp comes with a standard E40 screw fitting.

With an efficiency of 1.6 µmol s-1 and an enhanced red, full PAR spectrum, there is literally no easier way to increase quality or improve plant structure and yield than with a quick switch of your lamp to the DAYLIGHT 600W CMH.


Full Product Description

Key points –

  • True 600W Ceramic Metal Halide lamp
  • Enhanced red, full PAR spectrum – ideal for full term growth
  • Compatible with traditional 600W magnetic power packs
  • Standard E40 screw fitting
  • High photon efficiency – 1.6 µmol s-1
  • Increases flavenoids and terpene content of essential oils