Maxibright Daylight 60w Far Red LED Bar



Fine-tune the spectrum with the new DAYLIGHT 60W far-red supplemental bars. Attachable to existing DAYLIGHT LED full fixtures, or use independently for truly customisable lighting options.  This single 60W Far Red DAYLIGHT LED bar is a slim-line, stand-alone unit, which makes for an easy installation as a supplemental light to an existing LED fixture. With an efficiency of 2.3 umol/J and a total output of 138 umol/s, it will help to fine-tune the spectrum of any set up.


Click here to see the Maxibright Daylight 60w Far Red LED Bar Datasheet


Full Product Description

Key Features and benefits of using the Maxibright Daylight 60w Far Red LED bar –

  • Overall fixture efficiency: 2.63μmol/J
  • Total output: 138 μmol/s
  • Osram LED red chips
  • Internal LED driver: Plug and Play
  • Attach to DAYLIGHT LED lighting fixtures (480W/660W) or use independently
  • Silent running: No fans or moving parts
  • Ideal as supplementary lighting
  • IP65 Ingress Protection