Maxibright Daylight 315w Ballast-0
Philips Master GreenPower Elite 315W CDM-0

Maxibright Daylight Focus Connect and Focus Remote Kits



Powered by the Maxibright Daylight 315W ballast the Focus Remote & Focus Connect reflectors are compact, highly reflective and suitable for use as standalone lighting or to supplement other lighting.

The Daylight 315 ballast fixes simply to the Focus Connect by two fixing points, then plug the shortened IEC connectors together and it’s ready to use – a true plug & play product. Giving an ideal coverage over 1.2m x 1.2m.

The Focus Connect can also be used as a remote reflector by purchasing an additional IEC 3m extension lead.


Full Product Description

Both the Focus Connect and Remote Kits come complete with –

  • Focus Connect reflector or Focus Remote Reflector
  • Maxibright Daylight 315w ballast
  • Philips MasterColour Elite Agro Ceramic MH EL 315w lamp or the Philips MasterColour Daylight 315w Ceramic MH Lamp