Maxibright Digilight Pro Select Dimmable Ballast



The Maxibright DigiLight Pro® Select is a flexible digital ballast developed using the latest SMART technology. Available in 600W or 1000W models both featuring six selectable power modes providing total flexibility during the growing cycle. Choose from 6 power modes to run your lamps at normal power, Super mode for 10% extra power on every lamp wattage (the only ballast on the market that can do this) or dimmed for ultimate light control.

Features include –

  • End of lamp life detection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal protection and auto-reset
  • LED status light with diagnostic feature
  • Silent and lightweight
  • Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps


Full Product Description

Maxibright Digilight Pro Select Dimmable Ballasts have adjustable wattage settings.

The 600w settings are –

  • 250w
  • 275w
  • 400w
  • 440w
  • 600w
  • 660w

The 1000w settings are –

  • 400w
  • 440w
  • 600w
  • 660w
  • 1000w
  • 1100w