MegaPot Module – 56 Litres



The MEGAPot module systems  have  been designed with hydroponic growers in mind. The revolutionary system, produced in the UK,  allows growers to enhance yields.

The Megapot Module has the following features –

  • Mega Deep – 15mm/5” from base to rim
  • Air Curtain Channels – 10mm channels to grip and hold air curtains to super-oxygenate the root zone
  • Raised Base – 10mm raised areas to allow nutrients to run underneath the pot
  • Mega Valve – 10mm inlet hole to prevent blockages. Pre-set to allow 30mm of nutrient solution into the tray
  • Mega Tray – 50cm Base to fit 39L pots
  • Megapot Module Footprint – 66cm x 58cm x 12.5cm



Full Product Description

The MegaPot Modules are available in systems upto 32.