Microbe Life Photosythesis Plus



MicrobeLife’s Photosynthesis Plus contains live beneficial photosynthetic bacteria along with other beneficial bacteria.

This growing supplement introduces beneficial microbes into the root zone of plants. It enhances vegetative and root growth and improves the photosynthesizing abilities of the plants. It allows them to take in energy more efficiently and speeds the uptake and distribution of essential macro and micro nutrients.  This reduces input costs as the plant can utilize nutrients already in soil in a more efficient way. It can be used with hydroponic systems along with any kind of growing media and is great for indoor and outdoor growth.

Their probiotic formulations are 100% organic and are used widely by professional growers everywhere.



Full Product Description

Available in –

  • 500ml
  • 1L

Features –

  • Promotes superior performance in all environments
  • Enhances plant functions at the foliar level and the root zone
  • Ideal for both soil and soilless substrates
  • Enhances photosynthesis and biological function by allowing plants to capture and utilize energy more efficiently
  • Speeds uptake and distribution of essential macro and micro nutrients
  • Promotes vigorous plant growth and reduces input costs
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor growing and with hydroponics or growing media