Mother Nature CO2 Generator Refill



MotherNature CO2 Refills are the eco-friendly, long-life, money-saving solution to recharging your CO2 Generator.

Depending on usage, the specially formulated compost and natural bacteria in your Generator will last up to six months. Once the contents of the Generator are depleted you can simply empty the Generator out, clean it down, and drop in a Refill. It’s always handy to have a CO2 Detector to give you an exact idea of CO2 output levels and when a Refill is due.

As with the contents of the complete Generators, the CO2 Refills are packed ‘dry’, allowing you to easily store them without fear of degradation or any nuisance odours. When the time comes to use a Refill the dry mix is easily activated. Open the Refill bag and empty it into your Generator, then add hot (not boiling) water at one of the following amounts (according to the size of your CO2 Refill):

Allow 24hrs before you use the CO2 Generator. This 24hr period is essential in order for the contents to properly activate. Replace your Generator lid after adding water.

By using Refills you save around 33% against the cost of buying a whole new Generator and by reusing the hardware you’re growing far more sustainably. Better still, the spent natural bacteria and compost from inside CO2 Generator can be safety and productively disposed of as an ideal garden fertiliser.


Full Product Description

Mother Nature CO2 Generator Refill are available in the following sizes –

  • 5L (1.35 gal) CO2 Refill – add 1.25L (0.33 gal) of hot water to the CO2 Generator
  • 10L (2.7 gal) CO2 Refill – add 2.5L (0.66 gal) of hot water to the CO2 Generator