Nanolux 600W Ballast



Nanolux Ballasts are revolutionizing the world of indoor gardening. The Nanolux digital HID ballasts are the smallest, lightest and most stable digital-electronic HID ballast available today. Nanolux has leaped beyond current digital ballast designs and created a new product tailored to growers needs. The Nanolux ballast is programmed with a ‘soft start’ and ‘soft dim’ feature. The soft start feature is designed to extend the lifetime of your HID bulbs. As the ballast warms up during ignition or when the ballast is turned to another power setting, the ballast will slowly adjust the power level over the course of 15 minutes.


Full Product Description

Nanolux 600W dimmable ballast features three switch settings – 

  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 100%