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Nature C02 Generator



The Nature C02 generator(bucket) is a Dutch product that allows CO2 controlled release when the plants need it during light hours.  When in darkness, the release can be suspended allowing storage without CO2 loss.

A major advantage of this generator over other CO2(bags) generators is that  will only start to produce COwhen the temperature is above 20oC (when lights are on), so it can also be stored when not in use and no CO2 is produced.

An air pump is supplied, so it can be plugged into your lighting contactor meaning it only operates when your lights are on and your plants need CO2. When your lights go off, the pump turns off as well and CO2 production stops, so your extractor fans can bring fresh air into your plants environment to give your plants the oxygen they need in the dark period.

Each Nature CO2 generator has a 4 month lifespan.

Ultimately, CO2 control is in your hands!



Full Product Description

The Nature CO2 generator is available in the following sizes –

  • 5L
  • 10L