Manufactured to an extremely high standard, the PAR+ 465 PRO provides high spec photon quality and intensity.
The PAR+ brand products go through a final assembly process and rigorous quality control in the UK by trained technicians, to meet the highest standards.
With a big diode count over a large surface area, anodised plate heat-sink, and enhanced further with additional high-quality deep and far red diodes, there’s an impressive light output.
With each light boasting a massive 3328 Samsung mid power diodes and 56 deep/Far reds, the PAR+ 465W PRO is a full spectrum lighting solution suitable for a wide range of crops, from seed to harvest. This light is able to provide an impressive distribution of light over a recommended canopy area of up to 1m x 1m or 1.2m x 1.2m, while achieving a genuine system-level efficacy of TBA (to be tested and confirmed by a third party EST at 2.7µMol/j with HLG driver).
Featuring a splash proof conformal coating to protect diodes and make for easy-cleaning, combined with a 5 year warranty from a UK company, you can have real peace-of-mind in the longevity of this light.
With a linear dimmer you can take the lights all the way down to OFF, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt to specific growing situations as they change. You’ll have full control to select the exact intensity you want with a linear dimmer and won’t be limited to a few power options. You can also connect multiple lights together and dim with just one dimmer using the built in RJ ports.
Powered by a single, remotely mounted and disconnectable MeanWell HLG driver; you’ll be benefiting from lower temperatures and hang-weights than competitor equivalents. You’ll have a total of 5m cable length from the plug to your light (2.5m either side of driver). All connectors are waterproof for your safety.


Full Product Description

Technical specs –

  • Hanging height Veg 24″ Flower 18″
  • Wattage +/- 5% Off -465w Full linear dimming
  • Light engine efficiency EST 2.8µMol/j
  • System efficiency EST 2.7µMol/j
  • Average PPFD in 1mx1m 900-1000 μmol/m2/s
  • Average PPFD in 1.2mx60cm 700-800 μmol/m2/
  • Light Size 480mm (W) x 600mm (L) x 50mm (H) (Including cable glands)
  • Driver Size 235.2mm x 125.0mm x 43.8mm
  • Weight 7kg
  • Coverage Veg – Up to 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Coverage Flower –  Up to 1.2m x 1.2m

Included –

  • PAR+ 465 PRO Lighting System
  • PAR+ 465w Power supply
  • UK Power cable
  • Dimmer with RJ connections.
  • RJ Cable
  • Ratchet Hangers [4 PACK]
  • Instruction Manual